Top 10 Car Gadgets for your driving safety

Top 10 Car Gadgets for your driving safety

#1, Puddling possibly the best way to curb distracted driving is with a heads-up display or a HUD. Hudley is a high powered projector that was designed to protect your phone’s content onto your windshield. This is a lot like the technology used by pilots to keep critical information in their line of sight Hudley consists of a projector transparent glass combiner and a cable that plugs into your car’s OBD.


#2, Gofar not only has the ability to log all your trips save on fuel costs and alert you when something is a mess with your car. But it also cuts emissions and provides a safer driving style. It offers intuitive feedback that keeps you in your car’s efficiency sweet spot and the complete driving log is great when tax season comes along that sweet spot.


#3, ROI b-2s is the ultimate Bluetooth music player and smart car charger. ROI b-2s has dual USB port support allowing you to charge multiple devices in your car including accelerated charging with 2.4 amps for a single output and 3.8 amps for dual output. It also includes an unmissable and unique background, noise reduction function. The device can also broadcast math and navigation on your phone and adjustable LED lights illuminate. The USB ports the device has been able to monitor your car’s battery voltage and uses a high-quality circuit main control chip manufactured by Anna Navi tech.


#4, Kiwi 3, your smartphone-tablet PC and even your SmartWatch can now be transformed into an engine check diagnostic tool. It’s a plug-and-play automotive instrument that connects the onboard diagnostic port, retrieves information from the car’s computer, and wirelessly transmits to your smartphone or other devices. Log engine parameters read and reset engine trouble codes monitors, real-time engine performance and check fuel efficiency and driving behavior.


#5, Mifold is the first real variation in standard child car booster seats. It is suitable for use with children between four and twelve years of age and you can easily fit three in your backseat. No matter the size of your car or the style-conscientious faults out, it adjusts the factory-installed car seat belt to vet any child securely.


#6, Bow-bow tire is an evolve in advanced tire pressure monitoring system. That uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and connects directly with your Android and iOS device. it has an intelligent in-car monitoring unit that works closely with your smartphone. Bow-bow tire can easily be installed inless than 5 minutes by using the app simple on-screen instructions.


#7, Trapped tap-tap is the world’s simplest traffic indicator promoting safer ticket free driving. It has the ability to notify you of red lights school zones and even speed traps up ahead.


#8, Zeus, you can charge your USB devices at twice the speed and this fantastic car locator will ensure that you never lose your car again. Zeus app automatically remembers where you park your car when the engine is switched off. It uses advanced smart device detection technology to detect if the device is charging and delivers the maximum.


#9, KarlAudi is a unique heads-up display system that works great in even the brightest sunlight. It has very low power consumption and once charged the battery can easily last up to 2 weeks. It’s completely wireless and designed to provide drivers with the necessary information for their on-road experience. The information is displayed directly in front of you on your windshield.


#10, VOYO is the world’s most advanced after market connected car system. This device has the ability to acquire and utilize large amounts of complex data produced by modern cars. The device is founded on a specialized high-speed data logger that is typically used by automotive manufacturers during their development stages.


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