The New Car Gadgets You want to Buy April 2019

The New Car Gadgets You want to Buy April 2019

#1, Slot pack the car organizer eliminates one of the most frequent causes of accidents. Small objects scattered throughout the cabin use. Slot pack to carry all the necessary things for the road in one place. It’s securely fastened on the passenger seat with the seat belt ensuring maximum accessibility for the driver.



#2, The ergonomic layout of the compartments and its volume along with a functional design makes slot pack an indispensable gadget on the road. The moisture resistant and easy to clean material will allow the user to avoid accidental stains or getting the bag wet. And the easy installation in 10 second disassembling will greatly facilitate its use. If necessary the bag can be put in the trunk or reattached on a seat.


#3, Hudley wireless, this device combines a projector and a display for a car in one case. The buttons located on the projector mount allow you to adjust the distance between the projected image and the driver as well as its brightness. The remaining settings can be changed from the phonenote that all smartphone applications accept video streaming services are supported by the device but this is understandable while driving.


#4, Bluejay is the first smartphone mount in the world that allows you to take a fresh look at the way you use your phone in the car. The device is made of high-quality aluminium and carbon fiber. The mount is equipped with bluetooth as well as a GPS beacon which are activated when the mobile device is placed at the mount. It is noteworthy that the device can work with almost any smartphone and you can place it in any convenient place at the car including the windshield. Bluejay is able to keep a car logbook and even offer assistance in emergency situations. The built-in accelerometer detects possible accidents and the system itself can call the emergency services moreover, bluejay can also control the smart home system.


#5, Car droid, this innovative device for monitoring various vehicle systems is designed to provide additional safety and security for cars. The gadget is very easy to use and easy to install. All the user has to do is connect the device to the OBD port, card droid is equipped with two Wi-Fi modules, one improves the accuracy when determining the location of the car, and the second one connects the card ROI to other services. The useful features of car dioid don’t end there the nine-axis bar sensor is able to determine the position of the vehicle in space to create a 3 dreconstruction of a traffic accident or other events on the road.


#6, Zip grip go under adverse weather conditions such as a large amount of snow ice or mud your car may get trapped. Zip grip go it’s suitable for almost any car with any tires and easy to its store, just attach two grips to the wheel. Another advantage is that zip grip go is made of plastic because of this it doesn’t rust, doesn’t take up much space in the trunk and has a small weight.


#7, Drive BOTS is a simple device similar to a fitness tracker. But for a car, it monitors the condition of the car and informs the owner if it notices any problems and does so even before something serious happens. It’s a protective plug, just place it in the OBD, 2 port which can be found in most cars produced after 1996 and link it with your smartphone.


#8, X5 plus, according to the manufacturer, this device is the most universal charger in the world. Usually recharging various devices in a car can be a problem due to the lack of ports, in addition, the speed and accuracy of charging may also differ. The real solution in this situation is the x5 plus a device capable of charging five different devices, at the same time making it fast and convenient for users.

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