The New Car Gadgets Worth to Buy (March 2019)

The New Car Gadgets Worth to Buy (March 2019)

#1 The Car Purifier

It cleans and purifies air inside the car it removes bad odors germs dust and smoke. This give me a sponge product we’re putting inside, we have got the air purifier. This kind of thing I kind of like the idea of it that it purifies the air in the car cuz for me, I’m setting my car for hours. Turn on the ignition and it truly is beautiful and then obviously it’s got two USB port so you can charge your phone.


#2 The Streaming Audio

The next product is Bluetooth hands-free streaming audio. If we go on my phone and we just turn on Bluetooth, they should all just connect instantly this is the Electra Wave Bluetooth audio streaming kit or something it can either be charged by that little USB. You can connect to this via bluetooth which goes straight into your cars or walks and you don’t have any cables hanging around.

It’s so small. With this all you have to do is press a button and you’ll start blinking, it was to turn on that’s literally it and it changes the song and let me turn up turn the music down. It is smart remote, it’s got the controls it’s got play it’s got volume up and down and then it’s got next song.


#3 The Portable Charger

The next thing is this little magnet thing, stick a magnet for one of these on the back your phone and they fit together. This is a portable charger basically so you can charge your phone, you can charge literally your laptop or anything on this thing. In this little kit comes these things this will connect to your portable charger which you keep in your car, and then you can connect this to the car batteries and then you can just jump the car without even the need of another car

Basically that is actually all of the car gadgets for today.

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