Bugatti Baby II, a “toy” for children of all ages

Bugatti Baby II, a “toy” for children of all ages

As part of the celebration of its 110th anniversary, Bugatti developed a very peculiar vehicle that pays tribute to Bugatti Baby: the Bugatti Baby II.

While this children’s mini-car presented at the last Geneva auto show as a 3D printed model, the novelty is that the brand has just announced that the real version is ready. An interesting detail is that, despite not being the production vehicle, the 500 units programmed to manufacture were sold out in just three weeks.

Designed and produced in collaboration with The Little Car Company, this Bugatti Baby II, which is inspired by the Bugatti Type 35 of 1924, contains a series of technologies and innovations developed to ensure that both children and adults drive it. As part of this evolution, concerning the first Bugatti Baby, the size of the vehicle grew 50% (it is 2.8 meters long and 1.0 meters wide) and received a sliding system of the pedals to fit different sizes.

Bugatti Baby II

Along with the increase in dimensions, other innovations of the Bugatti Baby II is that its drive is fully electric, thanks to a system composed of lithium-ion batteries and regenerative braking. Likewise, the body in blue and quips eight-spoke alloy wheels, Michelin wheels, and a suspension and steering system identical to the original car.

In the cabin, it highlights the four-spoke steering wheel, the aluminum board, and the leather upholstery. While the original cars had a tachometer with oil and fuel pressure meters, these have replaced by a speedometer, a battery level indicator, and a power meter. For its part, the clock used to measure the performance of Type 35 is retained, while the fuel pressure pump was digitally replicated and reused as forward / reverse control.

To all this, we must add that the Baby Bugatti has a horn, rearview mirror, handbrake, 9012 led bulb lights, remote control to deactivate the car up to 50 meters. A plate with the number of unique chassis of the Baby II and, like the Chiron, contains the famous ‘Macaron’ badge of Bugatti, made of silver.

Returning to the theme of the drive, the Bugatti Baby II, with a weight of 230 kilograms, carries its electrical potential to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential and two driving modes. One is “children’s” 1kW (1.3 hp) with the maximum speed limited to 20 km / h, and the other is “adult” of 4kW (5.3 hp) with a maximum limited to 45 km / h. Besides, for those enthusiasts who yearn for even more power, some versions come with a ‘Speed ​​Key,’ like their older brother, the Chiron, which allows a power of up to 10kW (13.4 hp) and deactivates the limiter of speed.

Bugatti Baby II

All this power backed by two removable battery sizes, a standard package of 1.4 kWh, and a long-range version of 2.8 kWh. While the exact autonomy will depend on the driving style, the largest package is expected to offer more than 30 kilometers.

While the 500 Bugatti Baby II, with an initial unit price of US $ 33,000, sold out within three weeks after the announcement of the 2019 Geneva catwalk. It is still possible for customers to join the waiting list, in case a potential buyer withdraws or to receive the first notification of any future model.

Bugatti Baby II comes in three specifications :

  • Baby II with composite body
  • Baby II Vitesse with a carbon fiber body and “Speed ​​Key.”
  • Baby II Pur Sang with a handmade body and “Speed ​​Key.”

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