An unboxing of Morimoto D2S 5.0

An unboxing of Morimoto D2S 5.0

We have the brand-new Morimoto d2s 5.0 to review today. We rack and stack them against all the other bi xenon projectors and we show you the results. This one is a fairly new redesign, the overall shape and size of the projector is very similar to what the 4.0. The outside bowl has a different design. They went from a curved shield back to a flat shield. The interior Bowl itself looks very similar, and then the same pattern inside that’s not dissimilar from what you see in some of the other projectors.

They’ve got a nice bluish tint to the lens that certainly is a little bit different and these bulb holders are really neat interesting design. Hold the projector in place and then instead of that just terrible spring the clip that comes with so many details projectors, it did a really nice job of developing or designing this plastic. Once you put the bulb in to put the spring in and then try to sandwich it in real quick, there’s an edge when you screw this down it pushes against the d2s bulb.

What we do is we go through it outside we do a lux test using the lux meter, we set it at a hundred feet from a wall and we measure both the hot spot in the middle of the cutoff. And then we go to the other either side of the beam pattern 15 feet away and we measure looks at the width set the whole idea. There is to measure Lux both when you’re driving down the street the hot spot so directly in front of you and on either side of the road 15 feet away. So if it kind of simulates, if you’re driving down the road and you’re looking at either end of or edge of the road.

There is we’re getting measurable Lux at a considerable distance so you’re driving 60 miles an hour that’s roughly 100 feet per second. It’s a heat D 4500 bulb we use an aluminum shroud to kind of give full coverage here to try to eliminate and you light leakage. We use the same halogen three ballasts, we’re consistent and the products that we use and where we’re testing them and the distance where we’re testing them and the light meter is also the same.

There it is for the 5.0 really nice design looks like a slight improvement design feature but I really didn’t see the results that I expected to see out of this one but you know still a really nice hid projectors product from the folks over at Morimoto.

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