A Car Accessory could Protect your Chest!

A Car Accessory could Protect your Chest!

Today I’ve got a car accessory, tell me if you love it or not.

Before we get started, you can see that it’s a little bit corroded, so we need to clean it off first.

We gotta put the sticky back on it, pushes the case staking this off fascia simply not that dark up on that. I’d show it looks so cool, I’m actually surprised how well it actually goes with the car. I like really good well, I just you got the format was off.

These are seat belt covers only got them just because of how comfortable they were in my beeper. They are so comfortable so that’s why I like it does protect your chest.

Let’s just doing it the weather is actually a lot better than what was before. You’re gonna do it before people actually talk to me in the department same where’s the engine cover. It’s here that ball there that’s tripped on me so basically a head to this guy’s is the Toyota Racing Development oil. I should actually be able to keep this intact. I’ve added and put the engine cover on just for the time being the TRD coil cab really this through it. But one thing that I’ve actually noticed his while I was putting it on beef balls are actually threaded.

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