5 Incredible Car Gadgets New Tech April 2019

5 Incredible Car Gadgets New Tech April 2019

#5 SafeBrick

What smart driving brings is more than getting from A to B is more than staying connected. The safebrick intelligent drive assist providing information relevant to your journey, so you can drive without missing important Road information and prepare for conditions on the road ahead. We created an intelligent drive assist built for your safety drive it anywhere and enjoy a wide range for customizable features roadside information.


#4 Roost Garage Sensor

The roof smart garage door sensor will quickly send a notification to your smartphone. If you left it open or it opens unexpectedly and setting it up only takes a few minutes to download the free app connect the sensor to your home Wi-Finet work and then simply place it on the inside top part of your garage door that’s it. But the best part is that you can customize the setup of the roof smart garage door sensor to send you notifications just when you want them every time. The door opens and closes a specific time of day or when you drive away.


#3 DashPal

An innovative dashcam that does more than watching the road. DashPal sends an instant alert every time the car starts and you can even track the car’s route in real time. You’ll be the first to know, it stores your car’s driving history with facts like distance time travels and fuel cost. Even saves an animator playback of your route complete with markers that show over acceleration and hard braking.


#2 Zeus Noda

Take your music with you everywhere from your walks to your drives, the Zeus Universal HD car audio adapter automatically connects to your smartphone and streams music directly from your phone to your car. Easily navigate with the main touch bar to scroll through your playlist, and safely take calls hands-free with Qualcomm noise cancellation, and six-generation dual-mic technology. You can always keep your eyes on the road and stream music in any car anywhere.


#1 VogDuo Charger

Power your adventure with charger go, the power delivery car charger. This car charger is slim sleek and stylish, it is smaller than your average pen. that incredible speed and power in one tiny package truly a power delivery car charger. The dual port supports 45 wattsUSB C and 12 watts USB 8. So you can quickly charge your devices simultaneously while on the road. And less than half an inch thin but with its innovative USBC power delivery 3.0, it packs enough power to fast charge.

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