5 Useful Car Gadgets for You to Install in the Vehicle May 2019

5 Useful Car Gadgets for You to Install in the Vehicle May 2019


Have you ever had a hard time putting your kayak onto your car after a long day on the water, or after a hard day on the slopes putting your skis on the racks, stepping on your seat with sandy feet? Just to get a little more reach it’s a problem most outdoor enthusiasts deal with on a regular basis that’s where mochi door step comes.

In the mochi door step is an attachable vehicle rooftop assistant step that fixes to your car door frame and is easy to step up to your roof rack. It’s portable easy to use and convenient and hooks on in seconds. The step itself is made from aircraft grade heat treated aluminum features a non-slip surface holds up to 300 pounds and fits most modern vehicles the mochi doorstep comes with a natural fiber drawstring bag and a protective magnet. That can stay on your vehicle at all times to protect it from scratches right now the product has been developed and tested.


#2 Parking Mat

The maxim park right parking mat signals you to stop your car before hitting walls bikes mowers or trash cans in your garage. The parking mat is easy to install, position the mat at your ideal parking spot, then use the included heavy-duty tape to keep the mat in place Park. After Park, the parking mat helps you perfectly Park any type of vehicle whether it is a car SUVvan light truck or even a golf cart or RV you’ll park in the perfect spot.

You can use your remaining garage space for storage and organization after you hit the first hop. The second larger hump signals you to stop you’ll know you are parked right use the park right parking mat to get the most out of your garage while protecting your car and belongings from parking mishaps.


#3 The Brush Hero

Tired of cleaning that stubborn brake dust with sponges chemicals and brushes that simply just don’t work introducing the brush hero. The brush hero easily cuts through dirt and brake dust blasting through tight spaces around lug nuts, wheel spokes, and grill brush heroes patented technology is created with high-quality. Injection molded plastic that never corrodes requires no batteries or electricity and provides strong water powered cleaning and detailing for cars motorcycles bikes furniture barbecues window screens pets and more.

the brush hero has an amazing amount of torque and is powered only by your garden hose. It’s strong enough to remove muck and grease but soft enough to clean paint and car windows without scratching use the interchangeable soft brush. For Chrome and the harder brush to get stubborn grease off your grill, or caked on muck off your mountain bike boat, or garden tools simply push on a brush flip the Handy on/off switch and start cleaning get your brush hero today and blast the grime away.


#4 the Navi Road Routing

We’re busy people and being busy means checking your phone even when you’re not supposed to even when you’re on the road. Automatically rerouting to save ten minutes perfect never been this way before I’m gonna switch to Navi – see what’s so brilliant about Navi is. Its display is focused in the distance, so your eyes are never off the road it’s also 40 times brighter than your smartphone. It dims automatically, so it’s easy to see day or night. In offline-maps, you’ll never get lost like out here in the desert and it’s connected to your car which means that gas rerouting- nearest gas station text Connie be there in 15 min.


#5 The Hammer

In an emergency, your car may be damaged not functioning or in a bad location leaving you in an unsafe situation. Your seatbelt may be stuck in your door might not open, but if you are alert and can move you can use your emergency hammer to escape safely from your car.

Reach for your hammer dislodge it from the holder by first pulling up on the handle and away from the holder. If your seatbelts stuck, you can cut it by aligning the seatbelt in between the seat belt cutter prongs and pulling the razor firmly towards you to cut right through it. To break through the window grip the Hammers handle firmly make sure the sharp end is pointing out and swing the hammer towards the center of the glass.

Once the glass shatters you can use the blunt end of the hammer to push away pieces of glass. That are still on the edge of the window, once you’ve got a clear window to escape from, you can safely leave your car.

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