Three Types of Car Light Bulbs & The Replacement Choice

Three Types of Car Light Bulbs & The Replacement Choice

We have different lighting on the car, and they play specific functions for your driving, some of them for illuminating, some of them for signaling. The car manufacturer uses different types of light bulbs on their car models. These light bulbs can be replaced when they burn out, and we can easily find the replacement led bulbs on the market. But when you are buying the replacement bulb, you should make sure you buy the right bulb type, which should be the same as the original one. The bulbs can be unique, requiring some power and fit into particular shots. It is essential to ensure that the correct bulbs are used in the right places to ensure proper operation.

Headlight Bulbs

There are basically three types of bulbs used in headlights and brake lights; Incandescent, halogen, and xenon. Incandescent is the standard bulbs that most American manufacturers use. These provide natural light using regular bulbs. Halogen lights are similar to incandescent bulbs, but have an added tungsten filament; the result is brighter, whiter light that is kinder to the eyes and lasts longer. These are more expensive than incandescent bulbs. Xenon bulb uses a mixture of the gases to produce a bright white light that draws the least power from the battery.

Exterior Light Bulbs

There are specialty exterior lights that specialty bulbs require in certain cars. These are in addition to the regular lights and fulfill specific functions. Examples of this are fog lights, driving lights, and high beam and low beam lights. Sometimes these lights require specialty bulbs, or it won’t fit.

Interior Light Bulbs

More and more cars offer additional lights in the interior, including mirror lighting, glove box lighting, etc. They all require a specific bulb type. Each car model and the brand has its own list of bulbs. Luckily there are many search engines on the Internet, such as, dedicated to searching for bulbs that vary.

The Reason Why People Tend to Choose Led Car Lights

In recent years, LEDs are not doubted the most popular car light product on the market. Whether for headlight, exterior light, or interior light, more and more vehicles use the replacement 194 led bulb. Led car lights have the benefits below:

  • The white light and brightness are the main reason why people choose led lights. People don’t like the yellow light from the factory halogen bulbs now because they think this is old type stuff. As we can see, the new Audi car model and BMW car model all come with LED lighting that produces crisp white light. So people want to have this kind of lighting on their vehicle, then replacement led bulb is being the best option. By changing to these led bulbs, your car will have crisp white lighting and modern appearance. Also, the brightness of car light will get an eye-can-see improvement.
  • Led car lights are better for the environment. I am not saying that led light won’t cause environmental pollution. The truth is that LED light consumes less power. They can convert 80% of electrical energy to light and produce less heat compared to halogen bulb or xenon bulb. And they are small power. A led headlight bulb could be 25 watts only while a halogen headlight bulb would be 55 watts. So, while you convert all your car light to LEDs, you can save half of energy-consuming on your car lights.
  • The final reason why people choose led car light is, they are really easy to install (compared to xenon bulb). If our factory car light breaks, we buy a replacement halogen bulb, and we know they would be plug and play. But halogen bulbs are yellow light and not super bright. People are looking for a better lighting solution. Then xenon bulb comes; they are super bright, white color; but they are not easy on installation. While you want to install a xenon bulb in your car, you have to retrofit your reflector car headlight to HID projector car headlight. That is professional work that you can do by yourself. And this headlight retrofitting will cost you at least 500 dollars. It is too expensive. Then, the led headlight comes; it totally solves the problem. You can need some simple tools and patience, you will be able to install these bulbs in your car within 30 minutes.

Although the led bulb is a little expensive than the halogen bulb. But they are the best solution to all kinds of car lights in your car. It saves your money to hire a mechanic to retrofit car headlight, and it offers you white lighting and high brightness that luxury vehicles have. That is the reason why people now all choose led car lights.

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