CarLock Review: Does it Really work?

CarLock Review: Does it Really work?

I actually did a connected car or a vehicle tracker a portable tracker, this is the car lock. It’s a little device that you plug into your onboard not diagnostic port on your vehicle – usually underneath the steering column on your vehicle. And it will not only track your location in your vehicle, so you can see where your vehicle is, track where it’s been.

It’ll keep them in your app, in the app that you can actually see the trips that you have taken and so it keeps that a running tally of everything. It knows how many volts or amps are basically volts that are coming off your battery, so it knows how healthy it is, and so you can kind of keep track your battery. You can actually have it set up to alert you if you have a low battery, you Get Alerts for like I said the heavy braking or acceleration things.

It actually has your activation number. So essentially activate it right once you go through the activation process then plug it into your car and work your way. If you don’t get it activated properly, kind of gives you troubleshooting hits and make sure that everything is done properly. That’s all going to come with it because it’s a fairly everything else is basically in the app.

I plugged it in the car lock. It’s just a simple device that you plug in. If I had to set front Alberto, if it lost power, it would have sent me learn. I do not have it set up for that right now because I don’t necessarily need that set up for that, but it’s actually you plug it in like that and then once it boots itself back up and it’ll be good to go usually on the first time. You’re actually supposed to plug it in and then take it for a drive. It’s can only plug into that port so pretty simple.

I’m just going to go ahead and open up the car lock app which I just looked up for car lock. It’s going to tell me information of where my vehicle approximately is. If I go into my statistics which is a little speedometer down tell me information about my vehicle or about my things. I have a driver score of 100 because I Drive without slamming on my gas and slamming on everything so far with my the car lock. It’ll actually show a map of where I went strip start trip end and type in time location and day. Everything and then obviously on the map I need to be right and that’s essentially what it is for all of these. Every time I turn the vehicle on and go and stop it’ll actually put out a different look, it’ll make a different trip. I can put on the scheduling to lock the vehicle, so schedule on this day I’m not going to be driving, I can change that and unlock it at any time.

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